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Our purpose

Our hope is that future generations have the necessary tools to face their future in a positive way. Our priorities are maternal outcomes and adolescent health. We believe that getting this right, forms a strong foundation for building better lives.

Our mission

Our mission is to produce positive impacts on sexual and reproductive health in Paraguay.

How do we do it?

  • We seek to improve maternal outcomes, with a focus on preeclampsia.
  • We promote sexual and reproductive health for adolescents in Paraguay.

Areas of Action

Preeclampsia Program

We seek to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality from pre-eclampsia and its complications in Paraguay.

Preeclampsia challenge

Our aim is to identify patients at high risk of developing pre-eclampsia by adopting a prenatal care strategy to reduce the risk of developing the disease and to diagnose and treat early those who develop pre-eclampsia.

Adolescence Program

Activities and initiatives to help adolescents achieve their goals in life.

Ñangareko space

Ñangareko space, where the adolescents feel secure, giving them accessibility to a differentiated and amicable sexual and reproductive health; without getting an appointment. They can have access to any of the services in a fast way and in just one place.


Patients trated at the Ñangareko spaces in 2023


Gynecological and planning care in 2023


Prenatal care perfomed in 2023


Total consultations 2023


Total number of patients seen 2023


of the patients seen were identified as being at high risk for pre-eclampsia. They received appropriate treatment and counselling for the prevention of the disease.


Latest News



In addition to the work carried out in Paraguay, the Rassmuss family carries out philanthropic initiatives in other countries. One of the most important initiatives is in Chile, with the sister foundation Sara Raier de Rassmuss, which works to...

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Contacts begin with the first nterlocutors (Department and Chair of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of the Hospital de Clinicas, Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UNA). Statutes are drawn up for the future Foundation Juan Rassmuss Echecopar (FJRE), and the first steps are taken with the recruitment of the Chief Medical Senior Medical Advisor, Prof. Dr. Carol Lole Harris.

The FJRE is formally constituted with the presidential decree and other initial formalities. The 1st differentiated space for adolescents Ñangareko is inaugurated, as well as improvements in the 1st consultation room at the Hospital de Clínicas Facultad de Ciencias Médicas of the UNA, to initiate the Pre-eclampsia Challenge.

The comprehensive collaboration agreement between the FJRE and the MSPBS is signed, and the support provided to the UNA Faculty of Medical Sciences is documented through the signing of an agreement.

Collaboration begins at the Loma Pyta and Fernando de la Mora Maternity and Children’s Hospitals in the prevention and early detection of pre-eclampsia. In addition, the 2nd Ñangareko Space – Integral care for adolescents is inaugurated in the General Hospital of Barrio Obrero.

Lambaré Hospital and General Hospital de Barrio Obrero join the Pre-eclampsia Challenge. The third Ñangareko adolescent space is opened at the Hospital de Fernando de la Mora.

The Centro Ciudad Mujer – Villa Elisa and Hospital Materno Infantil San Pablo joined the Preeclampsia Challenge, and we inaugurated the 4th Espacio Ñangareko Integral Attention to Adolescents, in the General Hospital of San Lorenzo Calle’i.

Contact Us

+595 982 527 722
+595 981 357 041

Gumersindo Sosa 1124 between Teniente Vera and Austria.

 Asunción, Paraguay

Monday to Friday
09:00 a 17:00 hs.