It is deeply satisfying that the good references that have been circulating about the Preeclampsia Challenge have meant that several hospitals have shown an interest in adhering to it. As well as starting soon at the San Pablo Hospital, we have just learnt that the latest partner in joining the fight will be the Hospital Materno Infantil de Fernando de la Mora. 

In conjunction with the Department of Health Programmes at the Ministry of Health, our Foundation, offers a monthly event on Preeclampsia, aimed at doctors who specialise in Gynecology and Obstetrics of diverse services in Asunción and surrounding areas. The first event had about 80 participants, and this month we have a similar number of inscriptions.  

Working enthusiastically, we find ourselves in the final stages of organising the “Avoidable Maternal Deaths from Preeclampsia Day”, which takes place on 13 September, and which will have overseas and national speakers, referents on the subject.


Subdermal implant training sessions took place at Clínicas Hospital and Barrio Obrero Hospital. Educational material about subdermal implants and the correct application has been designed and handed out to the adolescents so that the information may reach their homes. 

In order to support the Ministry of Health’s efforts to reach more public hospitals with a standardized model of excellency for adolescents centres, the plan for the construction of the II Ñangareko has been designed and will be built at Barrio Obrero Hospital in November 2019. 

Visits to public schools and broad cast media take place on a weekly basis with the aim of informing adolescents about the existence of Ñangareko and encourage them to use the services offered.

First event on Preeclampsia
Subdermal implant training sessions Barrio Obrero Hospital


With a view to future growth as one of the strategic objectives, the Juan Rassmuss Foundation has now an office located in the corporate centre of Asunción

Since April 2019, the Staff of Juan Rassmus Echecopar Foundation are working in the Skypark building, tower II, 16thfloor, on Avda. Aviadores del Chaco 2581, with the aim of providing better services and attention to stakeholders. 

The Foundation collaborates with the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare’s efforts on two fundamental pillars: 

1- Improve maternal and perinatal outcomes with a focus on Preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is one of the most common complications during pregnancy in Paraguay. The objective of the Preeclampsia Challenge is to collaborate with health professionals on the identification of patients who are at high risk of developing Preeclampsia, for which a model of attention and early detection was established following the Ministry of Health’s protocols. As a Foundation, we provide medication and inputs so as to guarantee better pregnancy outcomes. The Hospitals we are collaborating with the Preeclampsia Challenge are Clínicas Hospital, Loma Pytá Maternity Hospital, San Pablo Maternity Hospital and very soon also Fernando de la Mora Maternity Hospital. 

2- Promote comprehensive sexual and reproductive health among Paraguayan adolescents, through the Ñangareko concept, allowing them to access a model of comprehensive and efficient assistance: differential, friendly, available without need of arranging an appointment in advance and gives access to all services in a quick and efficient way in the same place. 

If you wish to contact the Foundation staff, you may find us at:  and

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Complications due to Preeclampsia are, to this day, one of the main causes of maternal morbidity and mortality in Paraguay. Since 2017, the Foundation has been actively working on raising awareness about this condition and wishes to unite the medical community, organizations and citizens contributions in the challenge of preventing deaths by Preeclampsia. 

The event has been declared of institutional interest by resolution Nº 315 of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare. 

The event will take place on the 13th of September 2019 (Avda. Santa Teresa esq/ Aviadores del Chaco y Herminio Maldonado). Tower 1, Paseo La Galeria, Asunción. The timetable will be from 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:30 hours.The activity will be free of cost for all participants; however, places are limited. 

Patricia Abed, lawyer and Managing Director of The Foundation would like to outline the events in more detail.

¿What does this 1st Preeclampsia Health Event, supported by the Ministry of Health, the Society for Paraguayan Obstetrics and Gynaecology and the Medical Department of the National University of Paraguayrepresent for the Foundation?

Our Foundation is still in its initial stages, but we are proud to have gained the trust of the authorities in this sector as well as the most relevant stakeholders. Without whom, it would be impossible either to gain positive results, or to arrange meetings and discussions, such as, the Preeclampsia Event, organised for mid- September. We are hoping for a Full House on that day, and, more importantly for deep, meaningful discussion leading to a reduction in the appalling figures, which at present even at a regional level, leave us very low in the ranking.

¿What can the participants of this first Preeclampsia Health Day expect?

National and international speakers will share quality presentations with participants; on the national and regional reality of hypertensive diseases during pregnancy, related improvement proposals and the most up to date developments in the area. We aim to provide the professionals working within this area of Health who attend the event, to have increased and updated their knowledge and understanding of the subject; but more importantly, to feel inspired and motivated to apply that knowledge with responsibility, humanity and patriotism, since, as previously mentioned, the figures, which are LIVES, not numbers, place our region in a very disadvantageous position.

A preview of the Speakers at the Health Day event:

Our principal speaker is Doctor Mauro Parra, from Chile, who is Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the Faculty of Medicine at Chile University. Doctor Parra is a Medical surgeon, specialising in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University, with an additional speciality in Maternity and Prenatal Medicine at the Clinic Hospital of the University of Chile. In addition, Doctor Parra also has a qualification as a Doctor of Medicine from London University, England.

Dr. Alvaro Sepúlveda, AssistantProfessor at the same Department and Faculty will also be present. In addition, contributions will be made by a variety of local professionals with vast experience in this field.

Patricia Abed, lawyer and Managing Director of The Foundation