Our hope is that future generations have the necessary tools to face their future in a positive way. Our priorities are maternal outcomes and adolescent health. We belive that getting this right, forms a strong foundation for building better lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce positive impacts on sexual and reproductive health in Paraguay

How do we do it?

  • We seek to improve maternal outcomes, with a focus on preeclampsia.
  • We promote sexual and reproductive health for adolescents in Paraguay.



The members of our foundation have extensive experience and belong to a large network of prestigious national and international institutions.


Our work focuses on reinforcing and enhancing the Paraguayan health system. As a foundation, we created a collaboration network with other organizations, businesses, and local and international professional groups, with the purpose of giving Paraguayan boys, girls and teenagers a better quality of life.


After spending a large part of his life developing businesses in Latin America, Mr. Juan Rassmuss Echecopar decided at the age of 84 to move to Paraguay, following his father’s path. His father also moved to Paraguay in his 80s, to start an adventure exploring for oil and gas in the northern part of Paraguay.

Nowadays, Juan Enrique Rassmuss Raier is continuing with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Rassmuss’ and developing the social vocation that distinguishes his family. Together with Joanne Avery, his wife, he established the Juan Rassmuss Echecopar Foundation, with a focus on promoting sexual and reproductive health among Paraguayan adolescents as well as maternal outcomes, focusing on preeclampsia.

The foundation starts it work in partnership with the gynecology and obstetrics department of the Hospital de Clínicas, San Lorenzo, Paraguay.

The foundation opens up an exclusive space for children and adolescents named Ñangareko in the Hospital de Clínicas, San Lorenzo.

A partnership agreement is signed between FJRE and the Health and Social Welfare Ministry.

The Foundation begins it's collaboration with Maternal and Infants Hospitals of Loma Pytá and Fernando de la Mora, working on prevention and early detection of preeclampsia. Also, the second Ñangareko was inaugurated at Barrio Obrero Hospital in december.


Improving maternal outcomes

The Challenge

Preeclampsia is one of the most common and dangerous critical complications during pregnancy. At least 23% of deaths of pregnant women in Paraguay are caused by preeclampsia, according to studies done by the Health and Wellbeing Ministry.

Preeclampsia is caused by a problem in the development of the placenta, leading to a deficiency in nutrients and oxygen intake by the baby. In its first stages, it is asymptomatic and detectable only by performing periodic prenatal check-ups.

Our Project

The objective is to identify patients with a high risk of developing preeclampsia. We created a model of care and detection that improves the diagnose and treatment of this disease.

The foundation provides the patients with medicine and personal blood pressure gauges during pregnancy. We follow all the recommendations and protocols that the World Health Organization and the Health Ministry give through the Manual Nacional de Normas de Atención de las Principales Patologías Obstétricas.

FJRE works with Hospital de Clínicas de la Universidad Nacional de Asunción and  Hospital Materno Infantil de Loma Pyta.

Patients attended

Patients with risk factors for preeclampsia


Sexual and reproductive health space for adolescents 

The Challenge

Adolescents in Paraguay are near 25% of the population in the country. Adolescence is characterized by being a phase where dramatic changes occur, as the body of a girl or boy develop.  In this stage, holistic healthcare is very important to develop the full child’s potential.

Our Project

In Guaraní, Ñangareko means “I welcome you”. This reflects the spirit of the Ñangareko space, where the adolescents feel secure, giving them accessibility to a differentiated and amicable sexual and reproductive health; without getting an appointment. They can have access to any of the services in a fast way and in just one place



Any adolescent can get free medical attention and if necessary medicines.


The services are available with out a previous appointment.


The service which Ñangareko provides is focused to fulfil the adolescents needs.



Ñangareko gives talks  and supports contraceptive ways and   devices, diagnoses and treats STD among others.


We promote an attention that fulfils the necessary requirements to keep a suitable health check-up according to the adolescents needs.


The care in Ñangarenko fulfils the guidelines of WHO for Sexual, Reproductive and Health Investigation / Health and Development of child and adolescent.

Patients cared for in Ñangareko Space

Ginecological care performed

Perinatale care performed


Locally, we maintain close contact and coordination with the Public Health Ministry, the Medicine School of Universidad Nacional de Asunción, and the United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA)..

Internationally, the foundation has a close relationship with the Chilean Obstetrics and Child and Adolescent Obstetrics and Gynecology Society as well as the NGO Action On Preeclampsia (UK) and John Radcliffe Hospital at Oxford University.


Our team is composed of a group of highly trained professionals from different specialties and nationalities. Our purpose is to improve maternal and child health in Paraguay in an efficient way, always seeking for continuous improvement in the process.

Juan Enrique Rassmuss, Vicepresident.
Joanne Avery, President.

Abg. Guillermo  Sarubbi

Abg. Guillermo Sarubbi

Board Member

Maria Teresa Pappalardo

Maria Teresa Pappalardo

Board Member

Abg. Patricia Abed

Abg. Patricia Abed

Executive Manager

Dr. Carol Lole–Harris

Dr. Carol Lole–Harris

Principal Medical Advisor

Ms. Lic. Katherine Young Barker

Ms. Lic. Katherine Young Barker

Preeclampsia Challenge Project Manager

Ms. Lic. María de la Paz Ramírez

Ms. Lic. María de la Paz Ramírez

Ñangareko Project Manager

Agustina Benítez

Agustina Benítez

Project Asistant

Eugenia Torres

Eugenia Torres


Isabel Domenech

Isabel Domenech