It is deeply satisfying that the good references that have been circulating about the Preeclampsia Challenge have meant that several hospitals have shown an interest in adhering to it. As well as starting soon at the San Pablo Hospital, we have just learnt that the latest partner in joining the fight will be the Hospital Materno Infantil de Fernando de la Mora. 

In conjunction with the Department of Health Programmes at the Ministry of Health, our Foundation, offers a monthly event on Preeclampsia, aimed at doctors who specialise in Gynecology and Obstetrics of diverse services in Asunción and surrounding areas. The first event had about 80 participants, and this month we have a similar number of inscriptions.  

Working enthusiastically, we find ourselves in the final stages of organising the “Avoidable Maternal Deaths from Preeclampsia Day”, which takes place on 13 September, and which will have overseas and national speakers, referents on the subject.


Subdermal implant training sessions took place at Clínicas Hospital and Barrio Obrero Hospital. Educational material about subdermal implants and the correct application has been designed and handed out to the adolescents so that the information may reach their homes. 

In order to support the Ministry of Health’s efforts to reach more public hospitals with a standardized model of excellency for adolescents centres, the plan for the construction of the II Ñangareko has been designed and will be built at Barrio Obrero Hospital in November 2019. 

Visits to public schools and broad cast media take place on a weekly basis with the aim of informing adolescents about the existence of Ñangareko and encourage them to use the services offered.

First event on Preeclampsia
Subdermal implant training sessions Barrio Obrero Hospital