As part of the more than satisfactory collaboration that is already in place in these hospitals, both hospitals now form part of the two Fundación Juan Rassmuss Echecopar focal programmes.

The initiation of the collaboration with Hospital Materno Infantil de Fernando de la Mora began mid – 2019, with the implementation of the Preeclampsia Challenge. In December of the same year, the Ñangereko Adolescents’ Space was opened in the Hospital General de Barrio Obrero.

The global context, with respect to the pandemic, postponed the expansion of our projects, focusing us on keeping in place the current ones and ensuring the highest standards of quality and anti – Covid measures. However, we do not wish to end this difficult year without fulfilling the expansion of our collaboration, in this case, by adding our Programmes within hospitals to those we have already been working in; with such excellent management by their directors and staff.

Since the creation of the Foundation, our Programmes have placed the focus on reaching more users, with the aim of decreasing complications and perinatal deaths derived from Preeclampsia; as well as giving teenage girls, a comfortable, friendly, private space in which to easily access consultations about their sexual health and changes relevant to their age.

The collaboration between the Foundation and their associated hospitals, is based on and prioritizes strengthening the abilities of both white – collar and administrative staff who provide services in the Gynecology Obstetrics and Adolescent areas. Additionally, support in the provision of input and medicines is provided according to specific needs and the budgetary possibilities of the Foundation.

Training session by Dr.Celia Vázquez for staff in the Adolescents’ Space in Ñangareko Fernando de la Mora