With a view to future growth as one of the strategic objectives, the Juan Rassmuss Foundation has now an office located in the corporate centre of Asunción

Since April 2019, the Staff of Juan Rassmus Echecopar Foundation are working in the Skypark building, tower II, 16thfloor, on Avda. Aviadores del Chaco 2581, with the aim of providing better services and attention to stakeholders. 

The Foundation collaborates with the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare’s efforts on two fundamental pillars: 

1- Improve maternal and perinatal outcomes with a focus on Preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is one of the most common complications during pregnancy in Paraguay. The objective of the Preeclampsia Challenge is to collaborate with health professionals on the identification of patients who are at high risk of developing Preeclampsia, for which a model of attention and early detection was established following the Ministry of Health’s protocols. As a Foundation, we provide medication and inputs so as to guarantee better pregnancy outcomes. The Hospitals we are collaborating with the Preeclampsia Challenge are Clínicas Hospital, Loma Pytá Maternity Hospital, San Pablo Maternity Hospital and very soon also Fernando de la Mora Maternity Hospital. 

2- Promote comprehensive sexual and reproductive health among Paraguayan adolescents, through the Ñangareko concept, allowing them to access a model of comprehensive and efficient assistance: differential, friendly, available without need of arranging an appointment in advance and gives access to all services in a quick and efficient way in the same place. 

If you wish to contact the Foundation staff, you may find us at: info@fjre.org.py  and fjre.comunicacion@gmail.com

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