Foundation project seeks to create an integrated support system for pregnant patients

The main medical advisor of the Juan Rassmuss Foundation (FJRE), Dr. Carol Lole Harris, visited the Loma Pyta Hospital to train health professionals working in the Family Health Units (FHU) of the area. The objective of the training was to present the Preeclampsia Project that will soon be implemented in the FHU of Loma Pyta.

During the session, the program was presented and the outreach it has related to 

 the patients and the early detection of preeclampsia in pregnant women. The Foundation has been implementing the Preeclampsia Project for a year in Asunción and is currently present in the Hospitals of Clinics and Loma Pyta, soon also reaching the San Pablo Hospital.

The professionals appreciated the interest of the Foundation in wanting to collaborate with the community of Loma Pyta and its surroundings, they mentioned that they will happily commit to the implementation of the project, hoping it will be a success in the Family Health Units.

The meeting was attended by professionals from the Family Health Units of San Francisco, Las Colinas, Arco Iris, Viñas Cue and Perpetuo Socorro