In addition to the work carried out in Paraguay, the Rassmuss family carries out philanthropic initiatives in other countries. One of the most important initiatives is in Chile, with the sister foundation Sara Raier de Rassmuss, which works to strengthen early education in that country. There are also initiatives in Peru and Argentina. In order to consolidate and increase these efforts, two experienced professionals have been brought on board: Chris Wade as Board member and Katherine Hutter as Executive Director of the Rassmuss Foundation Network. Both visited Asunción to learn more about the work of FJRE. Their visit took place at the same time as the inauguration of the Ñangareko Hospital San Pablo, which was a pleasant event. The Director of the FJRE, Patricia Abed and all the staff of the Foundation warmly welcome and thank them for their contribution to the strengthening of our work.

Chris Wade, Board member. Katherine Hutter, Executive Director of the Rassmuss Foundation Network. Lara Apesteguia, Preeclampsia Challenge Coordinator. Dr. Carol Lole-Harris, Senior Medical Advisor
Katherine Hutter visiting a health care unit in the outskirts of Asuncion
Chris Wade, Juan Enrique Rassmuss, Guillermo Sarubbi, participating in the opening of the Ñangareko Adolescent Space at the San Pablo Hospital